How To Get The Most Out Of Self-Help


Self-Help Can Work For You

1. Most people have the skills within themselves to improve their lives on their own.

2. So much can be gained through determination, hard work, and independence. That said, you can always add an accountability partner, either in real life or in an online group.

3. Learning new concepts and techniques can help people develop skills that they can then benefit from.

4. Anything that provides a person with motivation and inspiration can help someone make a positive change in their life.

Limitations of Self-Help

It’s important that you know sometimes there are situations in life where self-help won’t work, as it cannot help with everything. In many situations, self-help can only get you so far.

1. There aren’t any “magic formulas” for success, meaning that there isn’t always one specific answer.

2. Getting help from mentors (such as from Angela Wills or Kelly McCausey *waves*) and important people in your life isn’t a bad thing, as they can add in a perspective you didn’t originally have.

3. It’s important to know that any issues with addiction, anxiety, and depression may not be fixable alone. I’ve heard of one alcoholic who decided that he wanted to change his life and managed to get off alcohol cold-turkey, including going through withdrawals, on his own, but that’s the only case I’ve personally heard about.

4. Some of the self-help material out there may be mainly about the hype, and not the substance. Sometimes it seems like trying to find effective self-help tools is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

There are so many people who have proven that self-help truly does work and there are so many different techniques. You really have to kind of experiment sometimes to find what techniques you enjoy working with.

It’s key that you figure out how to help yourself, because even if you don’t get what you wanted to out of self-help, you’ve gained a skill that’s important to have in this society: independence. Getting help from yourself is eye-opening and provides you with so many benefits, including motivation, inspiration, and possibly a big boost to self-esteem when you can honestly say “I DID IT!”

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